Silico Manganese

Silico Manganese is used mainly for steel making and comprises of majority of our exports. We are open to producing different grades of SiMn according to the requirements of our customers.

The Mortex Group offers the following grades:

High Carbon Silico Manganese (HC SiMn)

Mn60% Min65 % Min70 % Min
Si14 % Min16 % Min16 % Min
C2.50 % Max2 % Max2 % Max
P0.30 % Max0.20 – 0.25 % Max0.25 % Max
S0.03 % Max0.03 % Max0.03 % Max

Low Carbon Silico Manganese (LC SiMn)

Mn55% Min58 % Min58% Min
Si27% Min27% Min27% Min
C0.10% Min0.10% Max0.08% Max
P0.10% Max0.10% Max0.10% Max
S0.02% Max0.02% Max0.02% Max

Low Phosphorous SiMn

Mn65% Min
Si16% Min
C2% Max
P0.10% Max
S0.03% Max

Introducing Soon – Silico Manganese Low Boron (SiMn LowB)

Mn65% min65% min65% min
Si16% min16% min16% min
C2% max2% max2% max
S0.03% max0.03% max0.03% max
P0.25-30% max0.25-30% max0.25-30% max
Boron100 ppm max200 ppm max250 ppm max

Size: 10-50 mm or 10-60 mm, or to be customized as per buyer’s liking

Packing: Loose in Bulk or in 1MT Big Bags as per customer’s request