Ferro Silicon

Fe Si is a highly power-consuming product and needs almost 3 times more power / electricity compared to SiMn & FeMn. As a result, the cost of electricity is the main proportion of the cost of FeSi (almost 65% of the total cost of production). A typical 9MVA furnace producing 16,500MT of SiMn & 20,000MT of FeMn per year will produce only 7,200MT of Ferro Silicon. Therefore, FeSi comprises of only 15% of our total production even though we are India’s largest in production of FeSi.

The Mortex Group produces the following main grade:

Si70 – 72% Min72% Min75% Min
Al1.5 % Max1.5 % Max1.5% Max
C0.15% Max0.15% Max0.15% Max
S0.04% Max0.04% Max0.04% Max
P0.04% Max0.04% Max0.04% Max

Size: As per customer’s request ranging between 10 to 150mm

Packing: Loose in Bulk or in 1MT Big Bags as per customer’s request